Ah, 2014 was quite a year. Two particularly notable events were: 1) adopting a cat named Steve and 2) creating a website and a series of testimonial videos for Lifeline Physical Therapy and Pulmonary Rehab.

Little did I know how these two events would come together.

I have been working with Lifeline for two years. I've created an array of marketing materials for them and was incredibly impressed with the glowing feedback I heard about Lifeline when I did patient interviews for videos that were created last summer.  

I have known Steve since March. We were introduced at the Humane Society, and and I've been incredibly impressed with his speed, dexterity, and general insanity.

In November, as my husband, Mike, was chasing Steve the "indoor" cat (who was chasing a rabbit) around our backyard, Mike injured his knee. Bad. Yes, he sprained his medial collateral ligament and had a bucket handle tear in his meniscus. (Who knew anyone even had a medial collateral ligament??) So, he saw a doctor, and was scheduled for surgery, and proceeded to lie around and whine. Then it hit me, my golly, he should go to Lifeline for Physical Therapy. I hear they are good. His doctor agreed that "shaking his knee around a bit" might be effective so Mike started PT at Lifeline in Forest Hills. As much as Mike wanted to avoid surgery, he was skeptical. After all, he was not completely cured after his very first appointment.

But, even after that very first appointment, he felt a bit better. (I even noticed he was a tad less whiny.) And then slowly but surely, his knee wasn't just a little better, it was A LOT better. So much better, in fact, that his shocked surgeon declared he no longer needed surgery. In fact, after two months of therapy, Mike has graduated from Lifeline and is good as new. (Except for stabbing himself in the right eye with a tree branch. But that's a story for another blog entry.)

Although I would have preferred to simply trust the patient testimonials, it was great to discover first hand how amazing the therapy at Lifeline truly is. I was blown away by the treatment Mike received from everyone at Lifeline, particularly Physical Therapist, Dr. Jeanette Kochman. 

Steve is largely unimpressed with both the Lifeline testimonial videos and with Mike's miraculous recovery.

Steve actively cultivating his sense of ennui.

Steve actively cultivating his sense of ennui.

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