Dog Blog

We have always been a cat family. Since we got our dog, Max, a year and a half ago, we have been introduced to the wide (and sometimes wacky) world of pups and their humans. The first time we took Max to a dog park, we were totally unprepared for the mass canine greeting we got and the cast of characters, both four and two-legged. I mean, in the 70's, we just opened the door, let the dog out, and hoped for the best. This dog-park concept and the pup-freedom it provides, was something I never gave a lot of thought, pre-Max. So, when I was asked to create a logo and signage for the Bellevue Dog Woods, I was pretty excited. This is the only logo I presented. It illustrates the intersection of "dog" and "woods" and it's inspired by Max's expressive ears. I also had some fun with small rules signs that are scattered around the park as friendly reminders. Check out the Dog Woods in person or on Facebook.

Thanks to Print Management for the signs.