YBG and a Spring Jubilee

Spring is a really great time for yellow based green and for YellowBasedGreen. Suddenly, there are things to look at outside the office window besides that fake Adirondack plastic chair that keeps trying to leap to its death into the empty fire pit. There are actual fresh sprouts and buds and tiny leaves and things. Steve the cat needs to come inside and outside and and inside and outside 300 times a day vs. his typical winter schedule of 134 times a day. And it’s so much easier to incorporate my signature hue into designs. Take for instance, this poster for The Friends of Bayne Library Spring Jubilee. Did the book need to be that color? Probably not. Does it look amazing in that color. It sure does. Am I going to get my bum out of my office chair and attend this delicious event for a great cause at Revival on Lincoln? You bet I am. Because spring has sprung.